Zen Nihon Nishikigoi Shinkokai

All Japan Nishikigoi Promotion Association

The All Japan Nishikigoi Promotion Association is a group of professional Koi Breeders and Koi Dealers dedicated to the promotion of Koi keeping in Japan and around the world. The association, which is commonly referred to a the Shinkokai, promotes the hobby of Nishikigoi primarily through two world renown Koi Shows. The All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show which has traditionally been held in Tokyo, and the All Japan Young Koi Show, which alternates between Niigata and other locations in Japan. These two Koi shows have come to be recognized as the two foremost Koi shows in the world, featuring the world's finest Koi.

Membership in the Shinkokai is limited to professionals engaged in the business of Nishikigoi, and has come to be recognized both in Japan and around the world as an affirmation of professionalism.

The US District of the Shinkokai currently boasts 14 members who are unquestionably the industry's leaders in the United States. The US District has been active in assisting koi clubs with benching and handling at Koi shows as well as providing professional Koi Judges not only to Judge Koi shows, but to help to educate the public on the finer points of Koi husbandry and Koi appreciation.